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Candy Concentrate

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Candy concentrates are powdered dyes that can be completely dissolved into solvents. After these dyes are dissolved, the liquid tint can be added to clears. Candy concentrates create a unique, vibrant color for your car, giving you the finish and look that you’ve always dreamed of.

In fact, Didspade offers seven color options for your candy paint. You can mix any of these colors to make your ride completely custom. For example, when you paint over a silver base the pure color of the candy paint can really shine. You can also use our candy color paints over flake to create mind-blowing sparkle and shine. Our candy paint products are premier and at a great price.

We offer low cost speed shapes so that you can test out our candy color paints and make your own customizations that reflect your personality or be shared with customers to promote your business.

If you would like to learn more about candy concentrates please check out our Application Instructions at the bottom of our website. For any other questions please call us at 480.588.6355 or email us at sales@didspade.com.