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Custom Paint Additives

Are you searching for a way to make your car more durable while improving its aesthetic appeal? If so, you’ve come to the right place. DIDSPADE offers a number of long-lasting and multipurpose paint products perfect for customizing cars, painting drum sets, or adding pizzazz to your next big project. Would you like to protect your car? We have plasti dip, an exciting, durable, and versatile paint that is easy to apply. Do you want your next painting project to stick out? We have metal flake and ColorShift paints, offering a unique look to any custom paint job. This is just the start of our comprehensive supply of paint products.

Types of Paint We Carry

At DIDSPADE, we only carry high quality, automotive grade products.

  • Metal Flake: Metal flakes are like glitter spread evenly across your paint job. It adds glowing glamour to any painting project. We carry every color you can think of with flakes of various sizes, including: .025, .015, .008, and the .004 micro series.
  • ColorShift: Looking for a completely unique look? ColorShift pearls, much like their namesake, morph any surface into a multicolored display of awesome.
  • Pearls: Imagine these like metallic flakes, except pearl paint uses small flakes of mica. The color of the pearl painted car will appear to change depending on your perspective.
  • Candy Concentrate: Candy concentrate is a layered paint system with glorious results.